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​About Au Co Center


Au Co’s vision is to help nurture and enhance the Vietnamese community with the development of programs and seasonal events such as the language, annual performances and festivals, and cultural workshops that portray our Southeast Asian culture.

   Our language, arts, and cultural programs help to introduce, teach, and empower students through our necessary educational curriculum from alphabet to history, folklore, and advanced essay writing.

   Our community has helped through voluntary performance towards our arts and cultural goals, while collaborating with the Bay Area’s Southeast Asian communities: Laos, Cambodia, Thai, Burmese, and Philippines.

Our Organizations History

Au Co Center originated from the Vietnamese Language Classes established by the Vietnamese Elderly Mutual Assistant Association of SF (VEMAA) in 1983, one of the first Vietnamese language classes in Northern California.

   In July 1986, the Vietnamese Students Association of City College of San Francisco assumed control of the Center, and in November 1988, they founded a non-profit organization called “Au Co Vietnamese Language School”. In November 2005, Au Co Center has officially renamed to “Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center”.

Mission Statement:

To preserve and promote the culture, spirit, and mentality of the Vietnamese people, including its arts, music, culture, and language; to teach the Vietnamese language to future generations; and to encourage and support Vietnamese children and youth on their path to becoming good, successful Vietnamese American citizens, and more specifically, of the Vietnamese community in the United States.

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