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Launguage Programs



The Weekend Vietnamese Program teaches Vietnamese language and cultural traditions.


Target Audience

Our Weekend Vietnamese Program serves children and youth from 5 to 17.


Level Classifications

Classes are held on Saturdays, approximately 3.5 hours each. Programs for each grade level meet about 40 times per year. We observe 2 semesters, and normally follow the schedule of the San Francisco Public Schools System.

   Our programs teach the Vietnamese language at two levels: Basic and Intermediate, and Kindergarten for 5 year-olds only.


Basic Level: learn how to read Vietnamese using the “spelling” method; learn to speak in Vietnamese.

  • To attain Basic Level, a student must successfully complete Grade Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Intermediate Level: improved reading comprehension, speaking, and writing skills.

  • To attain Intermediate Level, a student must successfully complete Grade Levels 5 and 6.


Kindergarten Level: for 5 year-olds only.


Goals of the Class Levels


  • Learn to read Vietnamese and be familiar with five accent marks

  • Learn to speak Vietnamese fluently

  • Learn traditional characters and good behaviors of the Vietnamese



  • Improved reading comprehension at an Intermediate Level

  • Begin to learn essay writing

  • Learn traditional characters, morality and traditional values, and heritage of the Vietnamese


  • Familiarity with the Vietnamese alphabet and five accent marks

  • Learn to speak simple and everyday practical Vietnamese statements

  • Learn traditional good behavior for kids

Textbook & Teaching Materials

Textbooks and teaching materials are written in Vietnamese by grade level, to attain the goals of that grade level. Textbooks for Grade Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are intended for beginners, aged from 6 to 9. These materials may be used to teach beginners—who are older than 10—but they may learn at a faster pace.

   Textbooks and teaching materials for Basic Level (Grade Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4) and Kindergarten are written using pictures to illustrate a word and to use learned syllables.

   Textbooks and teaching materials for Intermediate Level (Grade Levels 5 and 6) are written with the purpose of improving reading comprehension and basic essay writing.

   Please read “How to Use Textbook” section for more information.


Contents of textbooks for grade levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Basic Levels):

  • Read Vietnamese by the “spelling” method, know the accent marks

  • Speak Vietnamese fluently

  • Introduction and education of traditional good behaviors of Vietnamese children


Contents of textbooks for grade levels 5 and 6 (Intermediate Levels):

  • Improved reading comprehension and speaking skills

  • Correct grammar and sentence structure for writing

  • Introduction of traditional morality and values, culture and heritage, Vietnamese history, country, and the people, including famous figures and heroes

  • Introduction of some Vietnamese legends or historical stories

Kindergarten’s Material Contents:

  • Speak common Vietnamese vocabulary and statements

  • Introduction and education of traditional good behaviors of Vietnamese children

  • Introduction of the the Vietnamese alphabet and accent marks


Music Programs


In 2010, Au Co Center began a legacy of preserving Vietnamese traditional music in the Vietnamese American community of San Francisco, and the Bay Area. At that time, our first zither class was opened under the instruction of Master Vanessa Van-Anh Vo. The class has successfully grown and developed three generations of zither artists.

   Su Viet Zithers Ensemble was founded in 2010 by the Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center’s Zither class, led by Emmy Award winner Master Vanessa Van-Anh Vo. Besides preserving Vietnamese traditional arts, the ensemble's vision and long-term goals are to bring the younger generation into the forefront of traditional Vietnamese music.

   In the past five years, the class developed its musical skills to advanced levels, allowing the ensemble to perform in grand theatrical productions, including nation-wide events such as John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Oakland Symphony, Asian Arts Museum, Legion of Honor, Asian Heritage Street Celebration, and Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival.

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